Buying Ready-to-Move-In Properties Gaining Traction in Dubai Real Estate

buying off plan property in dubai

Buying off plan property in dubai

Investing in ready-to-move-in properties is experiencing a shift in Dubai’s real estate landscape, with developers responding to increased demand for immediately available units. While off-plan properties have historically been preferred for their potential returns and flexible payment plans, the trend is evolving.

The reluctance to invest in ready properties was primarily due to the perceived high premium and lower return on capital compared to off-plan options. However, developers are now entering the ready-to-move-in market, recognizing the changing preferences of residents and investors.

The trust factor in the local property market has seen a significant boost, thanks to government regulations and residency measures implemented over the past decade. This increased confidence is expected to drive further demand for ready properties in the coming years.

Leading developers such as Danube Properties and Reportage Properties have launched ready-to-move-in projects like Eleganz, featuring attractive payment plans. The success of these initiatives indicates a potential paradigm shift in buyer preferences.

Buying off plan property in dubai with Flexible Payment Plans

While off-plan investments offer flexible payment plans and customization options, ready properties appeal to those seeking immediate occupancy or rental income. The year-on-year demand for ready properties has witnessed a 20% increase, reflecting a growing market.

Despite the demand for ready properties, the strong focus on off-plan projects continues. Developers often maintain a high inventory of off-plan stocks to meet investor expectations for innovative designs, quality finishes, and affordable luxury.

Off-Plan vs. Ready Property: Understanding the Choices

Investors opting for off-plan units benefit from flexible payment plans, making prices more accessible and mortgages easier to obtain. The influx of European and Russian buyers has influenced market trends, with developers enhancing amenities in new projects. However, older projects may offer basic amenities, potentially less attractive to long-term buyers.

Ready-to-move-in properties, on the other hand, provide immediate occupancy or rental income, making them appealing to buyers looking for immediate returns. These properties can also contribute to obtaining an investor or golden visa, adding to their allure.

Navigating Premiums and Resale Dynamics

Acquiring ready-to-move-in stock with high-quality finishes can be challenging and often commands a premium. Factors such as project type, location, developer, and unit availability influence the premium rate. Reselling ready properties after the handover allows investors to access cash and mortgage buyers, potentially securing larger profits.

While premiums vary based on external factors, strategic reselling after at least one year from the project launch can yield significant returns. Some projects, like Emaar Beachfront, have seen premiums of up to 120% compared to the original purchase price paid to the developer 2-3 years ago.

Lastly, the Dubai real estate market is witnessing a dynamic interplay between off-plan and ready-to-move-in properties. Investors are encouraged to assess their preferences, financial goals, and investment timelines to make informed decisions in this evolving landscape.

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