Dubai Rents: Expo Village and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) are The Prime Picks for Dubai’s Budget-Friendly Rentals

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Dubai Rents navigation! Unveiling Affordable Living at Expo Village and Jumeirah Village Circle

As Expo Village Plans 380 Additional Apartments, JVC Emerges as a Mid-Income Haven Amidst Dubai’s Rental Surge

Dubai, the bustling city of opportunity, is witnessing a surge in demand for budget-friendly rentals, with Expo Village and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) taking the lead.

Expo Village, part of the dynamic Dubai South, is gearing up to release 380 more apartments, responding to the strong demand seen in leasing its initial 570 units. Meanwhile, JVC continues to attract residents seeking mid-market options in Dubai where rents have soared.

Expo Village Dubai: A Dubai Rents Haven Amidst Soaring Demand

Dubai South’s Expo Village has experienced tremendous success in leasing out more than 570 apartments from its initial community cluster. Khaled Al Fahim, Vice-President of Asset & Investment Management at DWTC, overseeing the development, stated, “Given the strong demand, we are introducing further 380 apartments into the leasing market.”

Dubai Rents Breakdown in Expo Village

The breakdown of rental rates in Expo Village varies based on factors such as furnishing, floor, size, and other features. Furnished studios are leasing between Dh48,000-Dh56,000, one-bedroom options from Dh60,000-Dh71,000, and two-bedroom units at Dh84,000-Dh95,000. These competitive rates, coupled with the furnished option, are attracting a significant number of first-time residents.


Dubai South’s Expo Village, Already Leasing Success, Prepares for a Boost in Supply to Meet High Tenant Demand

Expo Village, nestled in the heart of Dubai South, is set to become even more attractive to residents as it plans to introduce 380 additional apartments into the leasing market. 

With its strategic location and a diverse range of options, Expo Village is poised to maintain its leasing momentum and cater to the growing demand for housing in Dubai.

All of this is unfolding against the backdrop of Dubai South’s overall success, especially with businesses and offices flourishing over the last two years.

 Since the conclusion of Expo 2020 in March 2022, Dubai South has become a magnet for commercial real estate, contributing to the increased demand for housing options in the Expo City.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC): Dubai’s Mid-Income Oasis

Even in the face of a rental surge across Dubai, certain locations such as Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Town Square, and Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) are offering mid-income rent options. According to Hussain Valee, Managing Partner at Al Kabir Properties LLC, JVC remains a favorable choice for residents, with one-bedroom units listed at Dh60,000-Dh65,000.

While Dubai’s upscale residential communities have witnessed rental hikes ranging from 15% to 40% in the past two years, Expo Village and JVC stand out for their affordability and range of options. Expo Village’s imminent release of 380 apartments and JVC’s upcoming building completions signal a busy leasing period in early 2024.

JVC Rentals: Exploring Budget-Friendly Housing in the Heart of Dubai

In a market where rent stability is uncertain, the chance to secure a budget-friendly home is an opportunity not to be missed. As tenants continue to navigate Dubai’s evolving real estate landscape, Expo Village and JVC emerge as prime choices, offering a mix of affordability and strategic locations for new residents.

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